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Unicorn snuffle chino snuffle Mat

  • £29.99
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WOW!! Cool Drink!! Your neighbor’s dog would say when your dog is having fun with our Unicorn Snuffleccino. Fur-friends will enjoy every sniff and bite until all the kibbles/treats are out!! Great for dogs, cats, and all pets who love to use their super instinct to searching for food and treats. It's perfect interactive toy helps slow down the meal time, prevent boredom and stimulate their mental health.  "A mentally stimulated dog is a happy dog" DogNmat snuffle mats are our signature design and handmade in USA. Made with top quality material for your Fur-Friends!! Item size are Large(15"x8") 100% handmade in USA. Made to order. FANTASTIC INDOOR FUN GAMES. Machine Washable 

*WARNING* Not for use as a tug toy Not a chew toy Supervised use only Ingestion of this product can result serious injury. Remove the product if it becomes damaged