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BARKIN' BANANA POOCH PANCAKES - 100% natural Dog Pancakes,

  • £12.50
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We're giving pancakes a new healthy meaning for your pups! We made 100% all natural pancakes with additional healthy benefits with every bite. 

Oat Flour + Banana + Chia Seeds + Vanilla

  • HEALTHY DOG TREAT - made with 4 simple ingredients. 
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL - the perfect versatile dry mix. Use the dry mix to enjoy dog birthdays and gotcha days by stacking the pancakes and top with your favorite BUDDY BUDDER, or fruit, and a candle. Use the dry mix in a waffle maker and brunch with your pup. You can also use the flour dry mix with your favorite homemade dog treats.
  • FOR ALL DOGS - puppies, adult, large and small breeds can enjoy BUDDY BUDDER. It's an all natural product, just use pup parent discretion when feeding and introducing a new treat some dogs have more sensitive tummies than others.