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Ice Cream Snuffle Mat

  • £24.99
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Ice Cream snuffle ball by DogNmat!! The exclusively designed Ice Cream Snuffle Ball is a safe delightful dessert for your dog. It’s dairy free and never melts or leads to sticky fur. In the best combination, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate, you can hide snacks, kibbles or treats in the many hiding spots. Just relax and watch how much fun they are having!

Fun way to feeding your dog. It provides Using Natural Instincts for Forage for food, Simulate Brain, Mental exercise, Encourages Natural Foraging Skills, Slow down eating habit, Stress Relief, Creating Wellness makes Dogs Happy, Active Feeding Time, Fun & Creative Design for Dog & Human.

+ Numerous hiding spots


+ Machine washable and dryer friendly

+ Great gift for pets

Item size is about 11"x 7"

*Machine washed in gentle cycle in cold water with pet safe detergent
Do not bleach, Do not iron, Tumble dry low

*Materials and colors we use may change without notice

Not for use as a tug toy
Not a chew toy
Supervised use only
Ingestion of this product can result serious injury
Remove the product if it becomes damaged