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Biscotti Vanilla

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Dolci Impronte® - I Piccolini - Dog biscuits - Vanilla Cereals Flavor - 180 gr

I Piccolini  of Dolci Impronte®. Delicious handmade biscuits, about 2cm, with vanilla and cereal aroma.
Presented in a recyclable jar.
Weight: 180gr

Complementary food for dogs for dogs of all ages. Maximum daily dose equal to 10% of the weight foreseen for daily feeding. Provide the dog with fresh water separately.

Keep in a cold and dry place.

To be consumed preferably within 12 months from the date of the production batch.

In case of obvious dog allergies, carefully check the ingredients before feeding.

composition: soft wheat flour, corn flour, layer, turmeric, carob, willow, salt, water

analytical components: 8.20% crude protein, 6.30% crude fats, 1% crude fiber, 7.80% content in water, 2.10% crude ash

organoleptic additive: vanilla flavor

Aut: AUSSL3 Official Register n. 0167235 - Produced in the factory n ° IT000109FE for Dolci Impronte srl