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Daisy's Dog Empawrium Ltd

Spiral tug toys

Are you tired of cheaply made toys?

We were too! ... So we made a toy that is not only soft on your hands and your pup's teeth, it is DURABLE and tough enough to withstand the pull of the Big Dogs!

Pitbull tested, Vet approved, Helps clean teeth and gums, Machine washable, Eco friendly!

Our Tugs are hand made from fleece which is an upcycled material from plastic water bottles. Help us save our earth one bottle at a time! We have patented a knotting system that allows us to condense 15 FEET of fleece into a 15 INCH [XL] tug toy!

We have 2 toys with this patented knotting system. This tug has untied ends and the Traditional Tug has the tied ends. Both strong!

WHAT? durable? really?

Yes! We promise our toys will be the longest withstanding tug toy in your toy box. Its purpose is to play tug-o-war and fetch. If you allow your chewers to chew, it will last a long long time. If you save for tug time, it will last a lifetime!

made in the USA - washable

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