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LickiMat Buddy Orange

The LickiMat Buddy is a simple but effective rubber mat with a series of raised grooves. Simply add your dogs favourite soft treat, consider Dog-friendly peanut butter, plain unsweetened non-fat Greek yoghurt (without xylitol), tuna, your dogs wet or raw food, dog pate, liver paste, mashed banana. – to the mat, it settles into the embossed pattern, giving them hours of entertainment as they lick the mat to get to the food. It's optional to add a dry ingredient on top of the sticky soft food, training treats, dry food, etc.

LickiMats are effective slow feeders as well as being mentally stimulating for your dog!

Dishwasher safe, please supervise your dog when using their LickiMat, particularly if they are prone to chew once the 'treat' has been licked away.

Available in two sizes and various colours:

Medium: 8"x8" Large: 11"x11"

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